Entrepreneurial Starter Program (E.S.P.)

A Midwest Sports Academy Initiative

Entrepreneurs are opportunity seekers. This program will provide interested students an opportunity to test and develop skill sets that can provide a foundation for a lifetime of learning and earning. The approach will be interactive and hands-on. Field trips will be offered on an optional basis to local businesses to allow students to experience running businesses.

The Entrepreneurial Starter Program (ESP) may be for you, if you ….:

Who is eligible?


Where:    Elgin Library Meeting Rooms
Transportation: Fox Valley Christian Action (Pick-up at school, Return student to home)
Cost: There are no costs to the student associated with participation in E.S.P.
Contact us: www.info@midwestsportsacademy.org
Website: www.midwestsportsacademy.org


ESP Informational PDF

ESP Application




Mr. Reitz Biography

Mr. Reitz’ formal education includes a Bachelor of Science degree from the Pennsylvania State University and follow up business studies at the University of Delaware.  With over thirty years  of business experience in product development and marketing on a global level , Mr. Reitz has enjoyed the opportunity to both work as an “intrapreneur” within a large global chemical company to develop new businesses as well as assisting  entrepreneurs in the development of their own businesses .  In 2014, he founded AM Compass, Inc , a consulting company in the field of 3D printing application and market development.
Mr. Reitz views entrepreneurial thinking as a skill set that can encourage independence and self-enablement.
He is excited to be able share his experiences with students and engage them in the development of an opportunity seeking attitude.









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