Who can apply?
Families with children 16 years and under whose income is no more than 20% above the federal poverty level.

How can I apply for the program?
Anyone wishing to apply for the program must fill out an application. You can complete the application online also. This is the only way to be eligible for the program.
After you have completed the application please email it back to us at www.info@midwestsportsacademy.org. Or you can mail a copy of the application to us at

PO Box 631 Huntley, IL 60142.
A valid driver license or other form of valid photo identification with your current address is required. Expired IDS will   not be accepted. If the address on your ID card does not match your current address include a copy of the back of the card to show the change of address sticker.
Proof of income for the entire household is required. Please include government assistance and pay/stubs are required.
You must have proof of guardianship for all children. This includes birth certificates, letters of guardianship, or a letter from their school on official letterhead. Copies of social security cards, report cards or medical records will not be accepted.
Once this information has been received and is verified, your application can be processed.

Being approved for the program does not guarantee eligibility for assistance.
How will I know if approved?
If you are approved you will contacted by Midwest Sports Academy by phone or email prior to December 1st. It is vital that you provide us with a working phone number and email address.

What can I expect if I am selected?
If you are selected for the program we can only guarantee gifts.  

When can I apply for the program?
September 1st- November 13th ? After November 13th, no application will be accepted.

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I’m very thankful for you blessing me and my family on Thanksgiving Day. It was a wonderful blessing from you. We are truly thankful. The Stewart Family

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 UNA -Best gift in the world to share. God Bless you very much. God bless Midwest Sports Academy. Midwest Sports

Academy thank you for allowing our family to have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.
 I thank you people who donated for me to have a Happy Thanksgiving. This is our first Thanksgiving in our house. Thank you very much. "Gomez Family"